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5lb Kraft Tin Tie Bag PLA Lined

5lb Kraft Tin Tie Bag PLA Lined made from recycled paper and PLA lining. A flat bottom allows the tin tie bag to stand while putting the product in. The plain Kraft makes it easy to stamp/sticker your logo on. A 5lb bag is great for coffee, tea or a variety of products.  

  • Four available sizes 1/2, 1, 2, and 5lb Kraft Tin Tie Bag
  • Two available sizes with PLA window 1/2 and 1lb Kraft Tin Tie Bag
  • Composts in 1-3 months in commercial composting facilities

Width: 6.5"
Height: 18"
Depth: 4"
Quantity per Case: 500
Part Number: G-PBCT-6540-1800
Material: Kraft / PLA